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Miscellaneous Fitness Questions and Answers

  • Sit -up Form
    Test for a Public Safety Position (Corrections) and for this test you HAVE to touch your knees with your elbows in the sit up...

  • Training Too Much
    I have been weight training and doing cardio for about 4 years now. Currently I am 18 5'9" and weigh 135 lbs...

  • Diabetes Workout Program
    I am trying to plan an exercise program for a male 40 years old , has type 2 diabetes and is 20 pounds overweight...

  • Workout Program Evaluation
    I have lost 65lb in the last year, now my goal is to have a great physique...

  • Unusual Posture Problem
    My left gluteal, hams, quads and calf are smaller on the INNER parts so much that you can see the difference...

  • Breastfeeding Body Composition
    I am currently breastfeeding and wondered what a good weight and body fat would be...

  • Womens Training Split
    I was working with a personal trainer at the time. I feel like I was overtraining...

  • Confused About Crunches
    Some people have told me to pretend you are going to the toilet...

  • Post Pregnancy Less Time to Exercise
    Eight months ago I had a wonderful son, needless to say I have much less time...

  • Exercise to Grow Taller
    I'm 20 years and I'm only 5.5 feet and I want to increase my height through gym work outs...

  • Lordosis Problem
    I have a lordosis problem! Now what can I do for this? Is there any remedy or any exercise to make my tummy flat?

  • View on Periodization
    I always assumed that periodization should be used more for athletes...


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