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I have lost 85 pounds. I am currently stuck at 141. I was at 135 for my goal and would like to stay right around that weight.

I currently log in all my calories and eat about 1200 calories a day. I eat lots of fiber, some fruits and vegetables, some dairy, and protein. I also drink two protein drink mixes (8 ounces of water) each day to help with intake. I drink additional water as well.

I lost all my weight by walking and have changed my routine to running four to five days a week. I am training for a ten mile run.

When I journal my exercise, the website gives me more calories to eat. Do I eat those calories or stick to my 1200 calories to reach my goal?

My goal is to lose my six pounds again while still training and toning. I have been stuck since about September and am really frustrated that all my hard work is not paying off.

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Ava Adames,

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First, Congratulations on your Weight Loss!  That is Outstanding

The way you lost your weight with walking is the safest most reliable form of losing weight, however it is also the most adaptable way to plateau and limit any further weight loss success.

It's not surprising that you are close to your weight loss goal but not nearly all the way there. However, do not despair there is an easy fix! You want to go from 141 lbs to 135 lbs correct? Not knowing your height to truly determine if 135 lbs is ideal for you, I will assume that it is.
Now to answer your question, in order to lose those last six stubborn pounds it is going to take some meal manipulation and some exercise regimen tweaking!

Let's start with the meal manipulation and the nutritional intake that you currently consume.  

Your email says you are eating mostly carbs, lean fat and moderate levels of protein @ 1,200 calories a day. Due to your training schedule (imagining a 5 day a week training schedule) you are not taking in enough calories to basically fuel your body for your metabolism to burn at it's optimum.

In short you need to eat more to burn more. Try increasing your caloric intake to 1,500-1,800 calories a day of pure nutrition. Also, eat your meals at the same times each day so that your body learns to expect food.

Try this: Have a 300 calorie breakfast, a 150 calorie or less snack within two hours, a 400-500 calorie lunch, another 150 or less snack two hours after lunch, a 500-600 calorie dinner and finally to end your evening two hours before bed a 100 calorie or less snack.

Also, learn to manipulate your meals to feed your body appropriately before and after your workouts. Eat a light complex carb before a run...lets say an apple and a few whole wheat crackers. Then after your run drink your protein shake.

Now lets address your exercise regimen...You are mostly walking and jogging as you prepare for a ten mile run. If you have already started preparing for an in season run than your run is somewhere between 8-2 weeks away.

I would suggest because you are trying to lose those last little bit of six lbs that you add to your workouts a weight lifting regimen 2-3 x a week. Weight lifting will create more muscle for your body which will shrink your fat cells. When you weight train, lift weights for all muscle groups varying from upper body muscles to lower body muscles for efficient and effective results.

Start off with 3-5lb dumbbells until you get a handle on movements and the different cadence (The measure or beat of movement) that weight lifting can be used to perform. Weight training will help you offset injury, burn fat, and create/increase your lean muscle mass which gives you the appearance of weighting less even if you don't quite make it to 135 lbs! 

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