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I have been playing soccer and other sports my whole life.  I currently play collegiate NCAA soccer, but I have a problem.

No matter how hard I workout, I can't seem to burn the little "pouch" of fat in front of my lower abs.

I run a couple times a week and workout at the local gym a couple times a week during the summer.

During the school year I practice with the team and play in games.  I workout in the gym twice a week then.
Still, I can't seem to lose that little bit of fat.

What is going on down there?  And, how can I burn that off so I may see my 6pack abs that I know is there somewhere?

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Mike Behnken, MS, CSCS ANswers the Fitness Question

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If you have not read about the best lower abdominal workout please do so.  It explains that your posture may be the problem with your lower abs and preventing you from achieving the 6pack abs look.

Fat in your lower abdomen is usually the last fat store which your body will burn body fat from.  You must have a very low body fat percentage to have no fat in your lower abdominal region.

The first step to finding out how to get rid of your "pouch" is to determine your body fat percentage.  If you find your body fat percentage is above 10% you simply need to lose fat by creating a caloric deficit in your diet.

Your body fat percentage can easily be measured with an Accu-Measure skinfold caliper.

In order to see have 6pack abs your body fat percentage is most likely going to have to be under 8% which is very hard to obtain for some people.

If your body fat is under 8% you may need to perform more abdominal exercises to hypertrophy your muscles in your lower abs area to make them show.

Keep up your workout program and measure your body fat so you have specific numbers to work with.  This will allow you to know exactly what to do to obtain 6pack abs rather than just guessing.

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