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I'm 19 yrs old 6'1" tall, 165 pounds and have 15% body fat.

I lift 3 days a week and have two cardio days. I run a mile before I lift and just walk for five minutes right after. I've been working out pretty good I think. But I've been trying to cut the fat.

I've been fat all my life and my senior year is when I thinned out. But I just want to be lean enough just to see my muscles and especially abs.

Goal:  Lose the fat keep the muscle or gain some more. I'm very confused on how many calories carbs protein and fats I need.

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Mike Behnken, MS, CSCS ANswers the Fitness Question


This is always a very good question.

There really is no way for myself or another other personal trainer or even a dietitian to know this exactly.

Your optimal macronutrient profile (%carb, %fat, %pro)  is usually determined by having you fill out special surveys to understand your nutritional behavior and how your body responds to certain food intakes.

Even after you find this out, you may find that the breakdown of nutrients doesn't help you very much and trial and error is necessary to figure out how your body responds to a new diet.

Since your body fat % is currently very good you may want to simply reduce your fat intake. 

Fat has 9 calories per gram where carb and protein only have 4. If you lower your fat intake you will likely lower your overall caloric intake to the levels which will allow you to gain that extra definition you are looking for.

If you severely lower your fat intake, you could benefit from taking omega 3 fatty acid supplements (fish & flax oil) to make sure you're not deficient in healthy fats.

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