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Hello, what are the benefits of recumbent bikes?  I'm a 15 year old,  5'3" girl who is still chubby around the tummy.  My parents just say it's baby fat and my mom calls me "her little pear" because of this and I'm sick of it.  I like to exercise, am pretty active and have no excuses but during the fall and winter when the weather is terrible I don't usually exercise.  My parents have an exercise bike that I can use but I just don't see the benefits of recumbent bikes.  Please answer my question.  Should I use their recumbent bike?  Will it help me lose this pooch?  Thanks

Benefits of Recumbent Bikes:

Direct Effects

  • Improve bicycling performance
  • Build & maintain cardiovascular endurance
  • Build leg muscles
  • Increase leg muscle tone
  • Build and tone the buttocks
  • Lessen the risk of posture problems (as opposed to upright bicycles)

Cumulative Effects (along with a balanced diet & exercise program)

  • Lose weight
  • Lose stomach fat
  • Increase full body muscle tone

If any of the benefits of recumbent bikes on the list above surprised you it is important to realize that any cardiovascular exercise has common benefits of maintaining and increasing cardiovascular performance.  The job of recumbent bikes, elliptical machines or Stairmasters is to have you move your large muscle groups which pump blood and in turn cause your heart and lungs to work which require large amounts of calories.

Burning calories is what will eventually help you lose your stomach fat and get in the shape you want to be in and your parents' recumbent bike can help you.  Recumbent bikes get a bad reputation because some people who use them tend to not work out very hard, or slump over simply because they're attracted to the rear back rest and are not really trying.

Take your Exercise Seriously!interval

You will not take advantage of the benefits of recumbent bikes if you don't take your exercise seriously.  The pace and intensity which you exercise at is determined by you so regardless of which cardio machine you use or if you exercise outside, you must push yourself physically and mentally if you want to achieve your fitness goals.

To get the full benefits of recumbent bikes make sure you keep track of your performance.  Use one of the programs built in the recumbent bike and use a level you can accomplish.  If you finish the program easily, for example a "hill profile" for 30 minutes on level 5, next time you exercise on the recumbent bike use a "hill profile" on level 6 and so on.  Once you find a level that is difficult to finish, try it a few more times until you finish it easily then you can move on.  Try to use their recumbent bike at least 3-4 times per week for around 30-45 minutes continuously for the best results.

Final Words

For 99% of people, a recumbent bike can be just as good as any bigger, more expensive and fancy piece of cardio equipment.  Regardless of the type of exercise you do, it is mostly up to you to move your muscles and maintain the movement for longer periods of time at greater difficulty levels progressively to get the full benefits of any cardio machines, recumbent bikes included.

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