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Hello, I am a male 1.80 metres tall, 65kg and my body composition is 10% body fat.
Can you tell me how to build a big upper body?

Answered by:
Dan Tatro, NSCA-CPT

Dan Tatro Online Personal Training


Building upper body is no different than building any other area of the body.  There are all kinds of approaches to this common goal many people have. 

Some important concepts to remember however are every 4 weeks you need to switch your routine to something entirely different (ex. different exercises, different rest periods, different number of reps). 

I would need to know your current workout routine before telling you exactly how to "build your upper body"  Feel free to visit my website and review the online exercise program options.  Generally speaking I would stick to 7-10 rep maximum.  Anything higher than 10 reps is too light for your goal. 

Depending on the specifics of your workouts and your availability, I could tell you how often and on what days the workouts would benefit you the most.  Also, you need to remember that diet , calorie, protein , and carbohydrate intake is step 2. 

The hard work in the gym is step one, and in order to meet your goal, you must follow through with step 2 as well.  Please view my website and check out the services section.  I can send you a questionnaire and we can get more specific as to what you need to do exactly to meet your goals.  Hope your day is well, and happy training!

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