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Goal:  Bigger Arms

I'm a guy and have been working out since a year and I need some serious advice, my splits are as follows.

Day1:  Back/Biceps
Day2:  Chest/Triceps
Day3:  Shoulders/Legs
Day4:  Back/Biceps
Day5:  Chest/Triceps
Day6:  Off
Day7:  Off

I'm 178cm (5'10") and weight 68kgs (150lbs).

I'm in good shape but I have weak arms...and that's why I workout 2 times a week for arms.

How can I improve the size of my arms as well as get a shape? should I do many different exercises?

Should I do just 3-4 exercises in a day as I hit my arms (splits) twice a week?

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Mike Behnken, MS, CSCS ANswers the Fitness Question

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If your primary goal is to build your arms you need to let them rest more. If you perform your triceps workouts during your chest workouts you will not be able to devote all the possible energy from your triceps.

If you are trained and have been working out regularly, and want to build your arms, perform biceps exercises while they are fresh, i.e. during your chest workouts.

Devoting a day to arms only is a must if you really want to build your arms. Try to superset biceps & triceps exercises to pump your arms muscles to the max.

Here's an example of using your same days off

Day1:  Chest/Biceps
Day2:  Legs
Day3:  Back/Triceps
Day4:  Shoulders
Day5:  Arms (Triceps/biceps)
Day6:  Off
Day7:  Off

It would be better to workout with a 2-3 on 1 off training split for your goals.

Here would be a very good training split for your goals

Day1:  Chest/Biceps
Day2:  Off
Day3:  Legs/shoulders
Day4:  Back/Triceps
Day5:  Off
Day6:  Arms (biceps/triceps)
Day7:  Off

Remember, it is your diet which will determine whether you actually build muscle.

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