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Hi! I am a 39 year old guy and my stats are 5' 11" tall I weigh 225 pounds and am around 22% body fat with 36 in. waist, 48 in chest.

Not ripped, but no belly hanging over the belt. I am pretty strict with my diet and have a pretty good balance of carbs and protein (I think). I supplement with a protein powder drink after my workout because I am getting older and don't recover the way I did 20 years ago.

I currently workout 4 days a week. 30 minutes of weight training followed by 30 minutes of cardio (intense elliptical). Monday and Thursday is chest, shoulders and triceps. Tuesday and Friday is back, biceps and legs. Abs worked in through out (more planks and ball work than actual crunches). Wednesday off, and an active weekend with my family.

In the last year, I have dropped 20 pounds and look pretty good, but I have plateaud. I have even gained a couple of pounds from my plateau which I am thinking is muscle. I am trying to figure out where to go from here.

Should I break my weight training out to 3 days a week (M-W-F) and do cardio 2 days (T-Th)? Or maybe the reverse? Or should I stick where I am? Thoughts

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Jason Spencer, CSCS

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Jason Spencer CSCS


I've read your information and can definitely give you some great advice dealing with your concerns...

From your age, body dimensions, and fat percentage i can see that you're in good shape and want to congratulate you on your weight loss thus far.

You have pretty decent lean muscle body composition but if your goal is still to gain muscle equally as much as the weight loss, I would not advise you to have to change your workout frequency much from what it is currently at the 4 days per week of both cardio and strength...

I think that is a good volume for both fitness aspects. Now if weight loss has taken priority over muscle building and you are somewhat happy with your muscle build, then I would tell you to stay with 4 days cardio and 2 good hard strength days. The ratios of each depends on where your priorities are.

What you definitely need to change is WHAT you are doing during your workouts... Maybe not so much how often as i explained earlier, but to counter that plateau effect you're in right now you have to manipulate some variables about your workouts in both cardio and strength.

To get back to losing good body fat and weight, you need to stimulate your metabolism to get faster and more efficient through higher intensity intervals with cardio, and depending on your normal reps and sets you do weights you will need to adjust them to fit a muscle growth response.

High intensity interval training is the next step up as far as creating better fat burning for someone who has been working out consistently for a while such as yourself... And muscle building is straight forward heavier weights to introduce high enough intensity activity to the muscles to make them grow.

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