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I'm desperate. I am a 5'3" 120lbs female and I don't know my body fat percentage.

Over the past year I have lost 20 lbs mostly through cardio workouts. I have shrunk down in all areas except my bust.

From what everyone tells me this is the first place to lose... not for me.

I don't even feel as though I lost those 20 lbs because I feel very disproportioned.

I have always been the bigger busty girl out of my friends, I feel as though I look the same when I should be proud of my weight loss.

Anyone I ask says there is no one way to target your bust to shrink. I'm on the verge of going ahead with a breast reduction but I really want to do this the natural way.

I've also started lifting weights but I really don't know what I'm doing or if I'll result in making them even bigger!! yikes....any advice would be graciously accepted.....I need your help.....

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"From what everyone tells me this is the first place to lose... not for me."

I don't know where you have heard this from but it is completely false.

During weight loss the last place we lose the weight from are the "problem areas" where our bodies have genetically (hormonally) decided to store the bulk of our body fat.Female Body Fat Analysis

Everyone has "problem areas" and focus on them but fat loss occurs from the entire body. For your situation is is very important to know your body fat percentage.

If your body fat percentage lies in the low ranges and you still feel your bust size is too large, you are a prime candidate for a breast reduction surgery.

If your body fat percentage is still in the high ideal, average or overfat category on the chart, you still have hope that exercise will reduce your bust size.

body fat measurement accumeasureAll you need to find a good estimate of your body composition is a simple Accu-Measure skinfold caliper and you can do it yourself in about 20 seconds.

As far as exercise goes, weight training itself will not reduce or increase your bust size directly. What you are thinking of is testosterone which is what reduces the bust size in female bodybuilders.

Women have a very low level of testosterone and weight training increases it naturally very slightly, which does not reduce breast size, but when bodybuilders take in exogenous testosterone their breasts unnaturally reduce in size along with the other side effects.

If you still have weight loss weight training belongs in your exercise program. Talk to your doctor about the options but make sure you know if your body still has some fat loss to go.


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