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I am a fifteen year old male. Up until now, I was on the basketball team and football and baseball team, so I was naturally always active.

But ever since I was little, I have always been husky, and it's always bothered me. I started benching like a year ago religiously. My upper pecs are ok, but my lower pecs are still very flabby and stick out far.

I wear under-armor under my shirt to take away the bulging effect. I started taking creatine. This did nothing but add 30 pounds and a layer of fat everywhere.

Especially all around my lower abdomen. How in god's name can I get rid of this "flab?"

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At your age, you should talk to your parents and teachers about everything before you look online for information.

Creatine has no Metabolic Pathway to Increase Fat Gain

There is absolutely no way you can blame creatine for "30 pounds and a layer of fat everywhere."  Creatine is converted to ATP which is the energy for muscular contraction.body fat measurement accumeasurecreatine ce2

Creatine, specifically in the form of creatine monohydrate has been known to cause the side effect of water retention and bloating though. The new form of creatine ethyl ester has no such side effects and it is easily taken with 2 tablets before working out.

Your 30 pounds may be water, muscle, or fat. In order to find out it is a good idea to get a skinfold caliper or get your body fat tested in school, or in the gym.

If you know your body fat percentage, you will really know exactly what's happening to your body as a result of your training program.

If you stopped your sports activities completely you are looking at thousands of calories you would have burned, which you are now not burning which would explain your weight gain.

Bench pressing alone is not an exercise program. You need to resume your sports activities or perform full body workouts.

If you have not, absolutely register in your weight training classes in high school. In the next couple years you will be able to make incredible strength gains and your body will naturally change.

In order to get in shape, and burn fat all over your body, stay as physically active as possible. Try to replace TV and video games with fun physical activities.

Avoid all fried foods and other foods which you know are high in calories and fat. Eat 4-6 small meals and snacks throughout the day. Make sure you perform cardio in the form of running, steps, hiking, biking, or even walking for at least 30 continuous minutes a day.

There are Really no Secrets about Losing Weight and Being in Shape

Lead a physically active lifestyle, eat healthy and drink plenty of water and you will graduate high school in perfect shape.

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