Effective Muscle Gaining Plan

Question (Part I):

Hello, I'm a 6 foot 165 pound guy and I was simply wondering if this is an effective routine for me if I want to gain lean muscle.

-about 8 mins of jump rope
-chin ups
-pull ups
-knee raises
-push ups
-sit ups

-run 45 mins
-leg extensions
-calf raise
-seated calf raise

shoulder press
-truck driver
-lateral raise
-fly reverse fly
-shoulder shrugs
-8 mins of jump rope
-chin ups
-pull ups
-knee raises
-push ups
-sit ups

-run 45 mins
-bent over row
-lat pulls
-seated row
-pull ups
-plank with hip thrust

-tricep dips
-upright extension
-tricep pressdowns
-barbell curl
-hammer curl
-wrist curl
- reverse wrist curl
-8 mins jump rope
-chin ups
-pull ups
-knee raises
-push ups
-sit ups.

Answer (Part I):

Jason Spencer, CSCS

Jason Spencer Online Personal Training

In general the routine you wrote out seems to be on the right path for building lean muscle, in the fact that the exercises are appropriate....

Now as far as how many times per week they are done or how many you are doing each day, that may or may not be the best thing for you to be doing. It does seem like a large volume of exercises which leads me to believe that the intensity focus is not all the way where it needs to be to build muscle.

There is definitely a specific volume and workload necessary for this that is different than that of toning or strengthening.

So, although I know what type of exercises you are doing I do not know whether you are organizing them the correct way and performing them at the right weight and rep ranges...



Question (Part II):

 Well to be more clear on what I want to do on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I would do the first 5 exercises with 3 sets each of heavier weight. Then I would move to the jump rope for some cardio and then at the end of the workout move to my pull up bar and do all of the exercises in 20 second intervals twice.
On Tuesday and Thursday I want to get up in the morning and run for at least 45 minutes and even run up this hill a couple of times that is by my house. And then proceed to the next exercises with 3 sets each.
Each day targets a different body part so Monday i would do chest, then legs on Tuesday, shoulders on Wednesday, back on Thursday, and arms on Friday. So now that the workout is more clear I'm just really wondering if that is maybe too much to do or if it is alright to do all of those workouts in the same week.
Thank you and I appreciate you responding to my question. .

Answer (Part II):

Jason Spencer, CSCS

Jason Spencer Online Personal Training

Thanks for the additional information...
This routine is not necessarily too much for you or overtraining yourself in anyway. Especially if you've been doing it for a while...

In fact, you are actually supposed to do all of this each week so the overall workload is not too much at all. It's just that you are spreading all your muscle groups too thin over the course of the week and are limiting your ability to get back to any particular muscle more than once in a week. What I mean is that doing one group each day allows you to go through whole weeks and never working that muscle again until that day the following week.

This is not conducive towards lean muscle building because muscle growth on any muscle requires a higher frequency than just once per week...

So actually you want to do all that you are doing, but at least a couple of times each week. That way your body can get the stimulus often enough to respond to it...

This means combining a few different groups on one day and then repeating that every couple days or so...

As for your cardio, "how" you're running is very important... When you talk about "lean" muscle, you are talking about the necessity to burn fat effectively to bring out that lean feature in your muscle building.

The best and fastest ways to burn fat with cardio are not just simply running. It's how intensely you are doing so, but also how you are organizing your intensity periods with your recovery periods to allow you a sufficient duration...

This requires structure and manipulation of variables just like your strength training will...

I would love to have the opportunity to offer you this guidance. It will be extremely helpful in getting you where you want to be as quick and effectively as possible, if you are to get there at all...


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