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I am thinking of becoming a personal trainer and I want to know the following about being a fitness trainer:

1. Job duties, requirements and expectations that I should have.

2. educational, degree and training requirements

3. Salary. entry, mid, high

4. any general advice.

5. Stress factors to expect in the job

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Mike Behnken, MS, CSCS ANswers the Fitness Question

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1. Job duties, requirements and expectations that I should have.

Job duties depends on the location you train. If you own your own training studio or work for a small gym, you will be cleaning the facilities, keeping all weights in order and even working front desk type duties.

As an independent personal trainer you must do all your own marketing, advertising, paperwork in addition to training your clients.

The main job of fitness trainers is to assess clients, determine their goals and walk them through training sessions as well as instruct them for as many training sessions as it takes to achieve their goals.

After training clients, it is important that the fitness trainer reassesses the goals of the client.

As you first start you are really at the mercy of your gym. You will most likely be at the bottom of the food chain so you must kick, claw and scratch your way up to become an elite trainer.

Sales skills are important to get new clients and sometimes to retain old clients.

2. Educational, degree and training requirements.

Fitness trainer job requirements depend on the location. Most gyms require nothing more than a personal training certification. Some do not even require certifications. A college degree is always a plus but it is seldom required.

3. Salary:  entry, mid, high.

This number largely depends on the location. In large metropolitan areas fitness trainers usually average higher salaries due to a larger client base.

The entry level personal trainer will make $25-30k a year while mid range trainers make $50-60k while high level trainers can make well over $100k a year.

4. Any general advice.

The best advice for any fitness trainer is to listen very carefully to everything the client says and be able to think from their prospective.

If you have empathy for your client you will always treat them the way they want to be treated which will lead to a successful professional relationship.

Never treat 2 clients alike.

5. Stress factors to expect in the job.

Fitness must be your passion if you are to be a fitness trainer. Most fitness trainers eat, breathe, and sleep fitness.

This can be a stressful part of being a personal trainer because some clients just don't have the passion you have. This is frustrating when you want very much to help the client but their attitude prevents you from doing so.


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