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Hi, I have trained my chest now for a couple of years, the top half of my chest and insides is quite hard, but the lower outer sides are soft and flabby, look more like boobs?

Like I say top half looks very good, what can I do to tone and make the bottom outer part of my chest go hard?

Would be very grateful for any help.


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First of All

You didn't mention your body fat percentage. Most people who are looking to lose man boobs focus on chest exercises when in fact the majority of people who think they have moobs or man boobs simply have too much body fat.

If your body fat percentage is not very low, you may just have fat which you need to burn by eating correctly and doing cardio. If you aren't too excited about doing aerobics you can learn some interesting and fun cardio workouts.

If You Aren't Overweight and Have Low Body Fat Percentage

If your back muscles are lengthened it will be impossible to build your chest properly. Please read about the anatomy and physiology of your chest on the best chest exercises page.

For the lower part of your chest, dips are the best exercise to do. Make sure you lower yourself and go through full range of motion while you do your chest exercises to work your chest mass.

Another thing to do is mix up your sets and reps. Try to perform heavy, low rep sets and light, high rep sets every workout.


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