Gain 50 Pounds Stay Toned


I'm a 5'10" 145 pound guy at 10% body fat and I am trying to gain weight.

I think I have come up with a fairly good workout routine. 3 sets of 7 followed by a set of 20 (strictly for core areas, chest, arms, legs, and back/shoulders) individual areas I do sets of 15 or 12. i.e. pushdowns, lat pulls, front lat raises.

I do this 4 days a week, dedicate one day to core, one to cardio, and one for rest.

Any advice to improve my routine?

A diet is the hardest thing for me to do, trying to gain I figured I would need to double my protein intake to around 300 g a day and increase my good calorie and carb intake by at least 500 Calories and 100 g of carbs a day; any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answered by:
Jason Spencer, CSCS

Jason Spencer Online Personal Training

Jason Spencer CSCS

The main thing that needs to change with your routine is that it needs to be a lot more consistent across the board with each exercise.

Some exercises you're doing 7 rep sets and switching to 20 reps, and other exercises you're doing 12 and 15 reps...

There is no definitive volume of work with your strength training.

Secondly, the higher rep sets you are doing are not productive towards lean muscle building.

You are doing the right thing with 7 rep exercises however. So Chris you mainly need to just stay at that 7 to 10 rep range with every exercise and not just some of them.

But, you need to use weights that dictate that 7 to 10 rep range. Meaning the weight has to be heavy enough so that you are forced to stop at that range.

This is the type of intensity that causes muscle growth.

As for protein, it's not too crucial for you to have to count grams or anything like that.

Just make sure you're eating at least 2 good meals a day of some kind of lean meat such as grilled chicken breast, steak, and also eat a lot of fish as well.

For breakfast eggs are awesome for getting protein. All these are your main most effective sources of protein.

And to give you a little boost to put you over the top and solidify your protein intake, drink protein shakes or eat protein bars post workouts.