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I am a 5'6 female and now weight 170lb. My goal is weight loss but also to get firm again. A couple of years ago I use to weight train four times a week.

Now, I have the time to go back to my workout routine. I do cardio for an hour each day.

I'm more looking for a guidance as to how many pounds of weight should I lift when doing bicep curls and working on the arm area to get rid of the jiggle quick or to firm up in two months.   It would be nice to have the same results for the thigh/hip area as well.
I do have a resistance ball that I got the other day and I have access to weights in my gym downstairs along with cardio. I do do cardio for an hour each day on mid-level intensity.
Usually after that I do walking lunges, usually three sets with 10lb weights in each hand. I can pull down 65lbs on the lat pull down.

How do I retrain or work my upper and lower body with weights again when I am not feeling the burn in say using 10lb weights?

It is more or less I need to get a rhythm straight and shock my body as I use to do these things several years ago and sometimes I do not feel the burn.

What is a good way to jump start the muscles to see results in a small amount of time?


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Don't be confused with the "firm" feeling of your arm muscles after an arm workout with actually toning your muscles. When you contract a muscle repeatedly it becomes engorged with blood causing the arms to temporarily firm.

In order to "see results" you must lose weight in the form of fat, while you maintain or gain your muscle. Toning your muscles involves fat reduction while you maintain or build your muscles which are covered by a layer of fat.

There is no easy way around it or no quick solution. Remember, your body does not and will not ever change during exercise sessions. Your body burns fat, gains muscle, etc. while you work, sleep, and eat healthy meals.

Weight Training:

A proper training program is a good way to "jump start" your results. Start from a low level and try to periodically increase the intensity level. Increased intensity is a best way to help "jump start" your results.

With regards to weight training, intensity means how much weight you lift. If you want to get results you must periodically increase the weights you lift. Less effective alternatives include reducing rest in between sets, higher reps or supersets with different exercises of the same muscle group.

Perform exercises which work large muscle groups or multiple large muscle groups such as the combination exercises to get the most bang for your buck in regards to your time exercising. Also check out this lunge modification 4x Lunges.


Cardio is the same as weight training in regards to intensity. The most positive effects of cardio training come from high intensity training. With regards to cardiovascular exercise, the intensity is how high your heart rate is maintained during continuous aerobic exercise.

Your medium intensity program which you are doing is good, but in order to "jump start" your results you must include some higher intensity cardio.

This is not saying you have to all your cardio at high intensity. Begin by changing one hour medium intensity cardio session to a 30 minutes high intensity interval program.

You can change your cardio program to include multiple high intensity days but also have medium and low intensity days to change it up. Play it by ear. If you have a lot of energy, do a high intensity day. If you feel lazy or tired, do a lower intensity cardio workout.

Always take a day a week off. It is always better safe than sorry. If you do not get enough sleep every night, or rest during the week your body will not recover properly from training and will not improve as quickly or at all.

An easy way to look at your exercise program as a whole is...

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