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I need to know how to melt fat fast because I can't stop gaining weight. I have always had a little cellulite on my hips and thighs but now my back and stomach have fat on them.

I really don't want to get a muffin top so I need to know how to melt fat around my mid section first, then my hips and thighs which have been my problem area since high school.

I am currently 23 weigh about 150 pounds at 5'3" tall.   I've had 1 beautiful child of 3 years and ever since I had my boy I have been battling this unsightly excess body fat.

I have a full gym membership and time to use it for around 3 hours a day after work when my son is still at day care. I have been exercising a lot but have gotten no results and it's very frustrating, so frustrating at that I have considered liposuction. What exercises can I do for 3 hours in the gym to melt fat?

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Body Fat does Not "Melt"

It may just be the terminology you are using but it is important for you to know that you cannot simply "melt fat" off your body. Adipose tissue which is commonly referred to as body fat, fat depo, or even simply fat is primarily stored under your skin.

The excess body fat under your skin called subcutaneous fat is what pushes your skin out and shows as excess body fat. When one reduces this fat they are neither melting nor destroying the fat cells (adipocytes) but reducing the size of them.

The only way to actually lessen the number of fat cells you have in your body is liposuction surgery. Even if you opted for liposuction for reducing the amount of fat cells, some experts believe that it will increase the capability for the remaining fat cells to grow larger. Yet nother common negative side-effect of liposuction is a resulting uneven and odd fat distribution.

How to Melt Fat with Exercise & DietCaloric Balance

If you are simply talking about fat burning when you ask how to melt fat, you must first learn more about body fat

Once you know the basics, knowing how to melt fat should be a matter of formulating a simple, full-body exercise plan and a low calorie, balanced diet.

The best fat loss exercise programs elevate the metabolism with a resistance training program and burn large amounts of calories with cross-training cardiovascular workouts.

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