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My boyfriend wants to take Hydroxycut because he thinks it will make him less hungry and lose weight.

I keep telling him it's a bad idea.

What are the side effects of Hydroxycut and are there any benefits?

What can I tell him the best thing for him to lose weight is?

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Hydroxycut is your standard thermogenic fat burner. The hydroxy, in Hydroxycut is short for HCA or Hydroxy citric acid. HCA or Citrimax (brand) which is completely safe and has no side effects is not the main ingredient.

Caffeine or its herbal form guarana is the ingredient which gives Hydroxycut or any other thermogenics their "kick" which help people work out longer, stay less hungry and maybe lose weight.

A negative about Hydroxycut or any other thermogenic fat burner with caffeine and other stimulants such as bitter orange (synephrine) is that they are addicting and the human body builds up a tolerance to them.

This is what makes Hydroxycut and all other thermogenic fat burners only temporary solutions to weight loss. They are a very poor choice for any long term goals.

They are only good for short term goals such as if your boyfriend had a competition, photo shoot, game, etc. in a month for example.

If fat burners such as Hydroxycut are used for prolonged periods of time, they have been known to lead to overtraining syndrome and other problems. Worst of all, weight loss by using fat burners is easily gained back. Some people tend to gain more weight back than what they lost while using thermogenic fat burners.

If your boyfriend wants to lose weight the best thing is to follow a healthy, balanced diet and exercise program, drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest.

There is no magic pill or short cuts.

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