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Injury Related Questions and Answers:  Introduction

First and Foremost: Consult with your Doctor or a Qualified Injury or Rehabilitation Specialist before you Seek or Take any Advice online.

Know the 2 Basic Types of Injuries

Acute Injuries
An injury that happen during a single specific event are acute. Breaking a bone or spraining your ankle during a violent collision during a sports activity is an example of an acute injury. Acute injuries often happen despite taking the necessary precautions due to an unavoidable accident.

Chronic Injuries
Commonly referred to as 'overuse injuries' a chronic injury is the most often the result of long-term issue. Chronic injuries can occur due to long term improper form of exercises, repetitive motions, poor postures and activities of daily living.

If you suspect that you are injured, the first thing to think about is what led up to your injury. Have you been experiencing any pain or aggravation of your muscles or joints leading up to your injury or did it suddenly just happen? Injuries are a part of life for everyone from the competitive athlete to weekend warrior to couch potato. While chronic injuries often just happen out of the blue, overuse injuries can often be prevented.

Here is a list of Easy Preventative Measures which will decrease your chance of various types of injuries during Physical Activity:

  • If it hurts (in a bad way) DON'T do it

  • Learn how to do something properly before you attempt it

  • Take small steps when trying more advanced exercises

  • Perform a general warm-up (i.e. 10 minutes cardio on stationary bike) before any exercise to get your blood flowing.

  • Use the proper equipment including footwear

  • Make sure your surroundings are free of objects which could lead to injury

  • Be conscious of your posture at all times

  • Cross train to avoid overuse injuries if you do a lot of aerobic exercise

  • Receive check-ups from your doctor

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