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I've extra lower back curve problem I mean lordosis problem! Now what can I do for this?

Is there any remedy or any exercise to make my tummy flat? What should I've to do for quickest possible result?  Please let me know in detail.

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Lordosis or or excessive curvature in the lower back (lumbar spine) is very common among the sedentary population because of muscle imbalances.Lordosis

You most likely have very tight hip flexor muscles, which are the muscles which would lift your knee as if you were marching and your glute muscles are likely weak.

Together this causes your hip bone (pelvis) to rotate forward which pulls the spine into lordosis.

No Quick FixStretch HIp Flexors to Lessen Lordosis

What I just explained happens over years of bad posture, inactivity or training abs and other body parts improperly so there is really no "quickest possible result."

You cannot expect to reverse something which developed over 5 years in days, weeks or even months.

You can begin correcting your lordosis by stretching your hip flexor muscles. You can do so with the stretch to the right. You should probably stretch each side for 30-45 seconds 2-3x a day and more if you sit for extended periods of time.

Your next priority should be to strengthen your glutes which you can do by bridges and most leg exercises with good form especially lunges.

Core exercises will also help you tighten your mid section by strengthening the muscles which support your lower back. Perform core exercises (http://www.askthetrainer.com/best-core-exercises/) only if you are able to pay close attention to form.

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