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right now I'm 6'2" , 180lbs, and 13% body fat. not much muscle, and plenty of flab;).

I'm going to the gym 3 times a week. I spend between 25-60 min on a bike with my heart rate at 'cardio' level. then I get off and start with abs, to oblique, lower back, chest, shoulders, arms, etc...

For reps, I try to do 4 sets of 3-4 reps (with exception to abs) . Am I on the right track? what can i do that is more effective? and how far down the road can you see me reaching my goal - if ever?

Thanks for the help

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Jason Spencer, CSCS

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Jason Spencer CSCS


I am a personal trainer and strength & conditioning coach here to help you out with your fitness concern...

Although you didn't list muscle gaining as a goal, you would be very well served to improve that aspect to a descent extent simply because it will speed your metabolism up and make it that much easier to get your body fat down to where you want it...

The fact that your body fat isn't very high to begin with makes it very hard for you to improve it that much without some help from the type of metabolism that extra muscle will provide you...

So in saying that, if you are to improve your muscle you will have to do exercises of sets of more than 3 and 4 reps.

Muscle growth is caused by heavy weights but they have to be light enough for you to be able to do a good amount of reps. 3 or 4 is much to low...

Additionally though, the weights have to be heavy enough that you can't get past 7 to 10.

As for your cardio, it's not necessary for you to be doing 45-60 min of work. 30 to 40 is plenty because you will be best served to go a bit more intense for a shorter period of time to cause a more powerful fat burn response.

But, this all depends on your current fitness level and what you are and aren't ready to handle.

I would be happy to find out more info on you and be able to guide you more effectively to make sure you are structured the right way for max effectiveness.

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