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Question:best lower ab workout

I have lots of body fat stored around my lower stomach and it makes a bulge.

I want to know the best way of getting rid of it. I know I should exercise a lot and i go to the gym every day on the treadmill and it just wont go.

I watch my intake of calories as well but I didn't used to and that's how I got the bulge, please help me thanks.

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Mike Behnken, MS, CSCS ANswers the Fitness Question


If you have not read about the best lower ab workout please do so.

Fat in your lower abdomen is the last fat store which your body will burn body fat from. Even if you lose a significant body fat percentage you may still not notice fat loss in your lower abdominal region.

The key with ridding your body of lower abdomen fat is to stick with your exercise program. Intense full body exercise will do 100x more for losing fat in your lower abs than any kind of ab exercises alone.

STICK TO YOUR EXERCISE PROGRAM and possibly measure your body fat percentage to see if you're burning fat.

Watching calories alone is not the answer. You may need to increase your fiber intake by eating whole grains, vegetables and seeds/nuts, try flaxseed meal. You must also drink as much water as possible while on a higher fiber diet.

The lower ab region is right where your digestive system rests so if your digestive system is not functioning properly your lower abdomen may protrude making you appear to have extra fat there when you really don't.

You may also want to look into a cleanse, look online and read about them, in addition to causing your digestive system to run properly, they have been known to reset your body's metabolism and improve hormone function which is responsible for fat loss.

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