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I want to make my waist very small around a size 22"

Right now I am 26".

My height is 5'1'' I weight around 123 lbs. I am medium framed.

I want to know is it possible to go from a size 26" to 22"?

Do I have to be small framed in order to do that?

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Mike Behnken, MS, CSCS ANswers the Fitness Question


In order to make your waist small you must have low body fat and strong, tight core muscles. The core muscles are the muscles deep in your mid-section which stabilize your spine and hold your stomach in tight.

Master the basic core exercises. Read about the Best Core Exercises then you can proceed to more advanced exercises such as stability ball exercises which will help you tighten your mid section.

A "medium frame" along with your height and weight does not give enough specific detail about your possible waist size.

In order to to know whether you can get a 22" waist you should cross reference your body fat with your waist circumference. You can determine your body fat percentage using a skinfold caliper, body fat scale, and any other form of body fat measurement.

If your body fat percentage is in the low ranges and your waist is not close to 22" there is probably no way you can reduce the size of your waist to 22".

Maintain a healthy diet and exercise program and perform core exercises and you will find out if you can have a 22" waist.

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