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Muscle Building Questions and Answers:  Introduction

You need not be a bodybuilder to have a fitness goal of building muscle. In addition to improving muscle tone, performance and overall appearance, building muscle helps elevate your metabolism. The increased metabolism is the primary reason why even morbidly obese people interested in losing weight should be taking part in weight training for muscle building.

Muscle Maintenance vs. Muscle Building
The belief that heavy weight lifting will cause a person to develop bodybuilder-like muscles is perhaps the biggest misconception about weight training. For the vast majority of the time, the weight training program for someone looking to lose weight or tone up is going to be almost identical for those looking to build muscle.

Often times the only difference is the diet, specifically the caloric intake. If muscle building is your goal, you need to take in a lot of calories compared to those interested in muscle maintenance. Workouts that you would suspect as being muscle building, will only be good for muscle maintenance if adequate calories are not consumed.

High Reps vs. Low Reps, Heavy Weights vs. Light Weights
Another common misconception about muscle building is the in-workout factors are going to determine whether or not you build muscle. Just like muscle maintenance vs. building muscle, if you don't consume enough food to create a caloric surplus and positive nitrogen balance you will not build muscle regardless of how much weight you lift or how many reps you perform.

If enough calories are consumed and diet is out of the equation, another misconception is that heavy weights (low reps) is best for building muscle when in fact, lighter weights lifted more times is superior. Hypertrophy (building muscle) is best achieved with high training volume in workouts. A very simple look shows that lifting a modest 150 pounds for 20 reps gives you 3000 pounds of volume almost double the volume of lifting a massive 300 pounds 5 times which yields 1500 pounds.

Training Volume
While training volume may seem very simple it is a little more complex than the previous example. If you just used the simple {weights * reps * sets} formula then a set of 20 calf raises using 500 pounds would yield 5000 pounds of volume the same as a set of 40, 250 pound squats. We all know that the latter takes far more work to complete so to truly understand training volume as it relates to muscle building you have to take into account the distance which the weights are moved as well. This drawn out example simply stated says to in order for optimal muscle building workouts, compound exercises which move the weights the furthest distances (think bench press, lat pull, squats, dead lifts, pull-ups) should be the bulk of your muscle building program.

Muscle Building Q&A: Questions & Answers for Men
Muscle Building Questions & Answers for Men


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Muscle Building Q&A: Questions & Answers for Women
Female Muscle Building


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