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Muscle Toning Questions and Answers: Introduction

If you are overweight, please refer to the weight loss Q&A. Most people who think they only need to tone their muscles, actually have a lot of body fat to lose.

Being overweight means regardless of how much you improve your muscle tone with exercise, you will not be able to see the difference because of the fat layer covering the muscles. However, if your body fat percentage is in the ideal range and you are looking to improve your muscle tone and definition, these questions and answers are for you.

Quick Muscle Toning Tips

Diet Can be 100% of Muscle Toning

You can tone your body without a single second of exercise with the proper diet. Since being toned is likely going to depend on your body fat percentage, reducing your caloric intake is the most powerful thing most people can do to become more toned.

Don't Depend Strictly on Exercise

For the vast majority, exercise alone will not help you improve your muscle tone. Diet and exercise is the most potent combination for becoming more toned. Make sure you work as hard at the dinner table making proper choices and exercising self discipline than you do pumping out the last couple sets at the gym.

Perform Both Cardio and Resistance Training

Similar to how it is exponentially more difficult to lose weight and tone up without controlling your diet, if you are utilizing weight training or cardio alone, it will much more difficult to tone up than if you were to incorporate both into your training program. Cardio and resistance training together is therefore recommended, especially if fat loss and muscle toning is your goal.

Don't Base Your Exercise Program on 'Toning Exercises'

Exercises commonly referred to as 'toning exercises' are isolation exercises which target a small muscle group. While these types of exercises could be beneficial for those who are already lean, if you have a few percentage points of body fat to lose before you can see your muscle tone, you are better off doing compound exercises which work large muscle groups.

Muscle Toning Q&A: Questions & Answers for Men
Weight Loss Questions & Answers


  • Flabby Chest
    I have trained my chest now for a couple of years, the top half of my chest and insides is quite hard, but the lower outer sides are soft and flabby...

  • Lower Stomach Bulge
    I have lots of body fat stored around my lower stomach and it makes a bulge...

  • Muscle or Fat Gain ?
    I know there is muscle under my fat, but how can I get rid of the fat to show some definition...

  • 6pack Abs
    NCAA athlete...can't seem to lose that little bit of can I burn that off so I may see my 6pack abs...

  • Shape Glute Muscles
    I find it difficult to develop my glutes at the lower/outer areas...

  • Exercise Plan Suggestions
    I have also started to progressively do more push ups, crunches, and sit ups each day... Does this exercise plan and diet put me on the right path to lose the fat...

  • Soft and Flabby or Hard Round Belly
    I've also heard that if you do things like sit-ups while you have a large belly that instead of having a soft, flabby belly, you'll end up with a hard, round belly, and that it still won't become flat.

  • Lower Body Fat 6 Percent
    With my routine how far down the road can you see me reaching my goal?

  • Only Fat Around Midsection
    We are hoping to start a 6 day a week routine, but we have no idea how to create an effective routine...

  • Gain Mass Reduce Body Fat
    why trainers don't pay much attention to scale weight...

  • Quest to Lower Body Fat
    I would like to outline below what I am currently doing and find out if I am on the right path...


Muscle Toning Q&A: Questions & Answers for Women
Weight Loss Questions & Answers


  • Slimming Legs
    I used to be a sprinter and now my thighs are big I am a size 2 but they won't go past my thighs...

  • C-Section Toning
    I am 39 years old and giving birth to my third child I had to have a c-section...

  • Muffin Top Exercises
    Do you have recommendations for muffin top exercises to tone my mid section and burn flab off my muffin top?

  • Slimmer Legs Wanted
    My thighs are too big for my body frame... Should I cut out protein since it builds muscle...

  • Smaller Arms
    My arms are very out of proportion... I know this is because the muscle I built up has turned to fat...

  • Medium Frame Waist Size
    I want to know is it possible to go from a size 26" to 22" waist...

  • Thighs Getting Bulkier
    Is there any options for slimming my thighs instead of making them more muscular...

  • Loose Skin
    I want to develop my triceps to avoid the loose skin that so many women get...

  • How to Loose Belly Fat
    I need to know how to loose belly fat because I don't have fat anywhere else except for my stomach...

  • Tone up Without Losing Weight
    I have to exercise but also eat right to see the results. What food should I eat or avoid?

  • How to Melt Fat
    What exercises can I do for 3 hours in the gym to melt fat?

  • Unwanted Muscular Arms
    I have a lot of fat under my arms and neck and muscle arms, and I don't like it at all...

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