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Hello, I'm 47 year old woman who weighs 126 pounds and am 5' tall.

I never exercised much in my life because I never really had weight issue. I've put on a few pounds since I turned 40 and quit smoking on Jan 5/09 so I decided to join a gym because I wanted to lose weight, I was at 128 lbs and I want to get back to 110 lbs.

I decided to get a personal trainer...told him what my goal was and we've been training 3 x a week since August 17th. He said I could get down to 112 by mid-October.

I weighed myself for the first time since we started last night and the scale shows me at 126 lbs.. after 5 weeks of training I've only lost 2 pounds since we started. I do feel I've lost around the waist, hips and thighs because my pants do feel much looser.

I just have a hard time believing that I will get to 112 lbs by mid October...Was my trainer honest with me. Was that an attainable goal...

I have also changed my eating habits...eating much healthier even though he doesn't really tell me what to eat or talks much about nutrition. Please tell me what you recommend I do?

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Jason Spencer, CSCS

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Jason Spencer CSCS


Those are very good questions and i can definitely give you some help with all your concerns...

First off, you definitely can lose that 14 lbs in a couple months. That is not unrealistic at all. I am sorry to hear that your weight had not gone down as of yet, but it is very encouraging that your clothes have been fitting differently and more loosely.

It is very common to actually lose body fat and inches without losing much actual body weight, only because increasing your muscle tone can definitely offset much of the weight you have lost in body fat...

So you had indeed lost body fat as shown by the way the clothes started to fit! It just didn't translate to TOTAL body weight loss due to the toning you must have been doing at the same time...

Now don't be discouraged... If you are still not happy with just losing inches and want to see the number on the scale change, you can either work hard enough and do the right types of things to cause your body fat losses to accelerate at a faster pace than your muscle tone increases.

Or, you can slow it down a bit with the toning and focus on dropping the body fat until you're happy and worry about the toning later... Either way Joanne you most certainly can get your weight down and achieve great tone all in one!

It is just a matter of organizing all the necessary aspects in the appropriate ways. Those aspects are fat burning cardio, strength training, and nutrition...

As for your nutrition concerns... The best way to eat is to eat to support your exercise. What I mean is don't avoid or drastically cut calories in attempts to lose weight because with the hard work you are putting your body through with exercise, you will definitely need a substantial amount of calories.

Use food and calories as fuel for exercise and fuel for burning and stimulating a faster metabolism created through exercise! You need calories to burn calories!

Lastly, there are definitely certain ways to manipulate when and how much of certain things to eat to force your body into primarily fat burning, but still within the general concept of supporting the workouts.

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