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I am very interested in getting a degree in fitness exercise.

I am a mother of 4 and I can only do it online. Do you know of any online colleges that have this available?

I am having trouble finding one.


One More Question

I had my 4th baby 8 months ago.

I am 29, 5 foot 3, my current weight is 115. I eat 3 meals a day if I snack it would be fruit or sometimes a cookie.

I do eat healthy but sometimes we all get off track. I am seeing the weight come off on the scale but I still have that pooch!! Why isn't it coming off?

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Mike Behnken, MS, CSCS ANswers the Fitness Question


The National Academy of Sports Medicine which is one of the leading organizations which provide personal training certifications sponsor a few online fitness degree programs.

There is a bachelors and a masters degree available as well as post graduate studies. You can find all the information about these programs at the NASM website in the Higher Education Information page.

These are some of the few programs for online college degrees related to fitness and exercise. You may want to review the pages about becoming a personal trainer.

2nd Question

You have had four babies, which is a significant accomplishment. Losing the "pooch" is also a significant accomplishment. You will find the answer to your question at this previously asked question. Fourth Baby Weight Loss.

The core exercises will tighten your muscles and it is up to you to keep your body fat percentage lean with a healthy diet, aerobic activity and weight training.

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