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I'm currently a pt assistant (associate and license in physical therapy) and ACE certified personal trainer.

I prefer the fitness industry over rehab and would like to further my education while working full time.

I was wondering if you would recommend Cal U's global online programs?

I was doing some research and noticed that NASM was involved with the BS and MS health/fitness programs.

I'm definitely a skeptic of online programs but Cal U seems to have a good rep and is close in location to me.

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Mike Behnken, MS, CSCS ANswers the Fitness Question

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For most people the fitness industry provides more excitement on a daily basis than physical therapy.

Your background in physical therapy is perfect for personal training and even creating your own niche in the fitness industry.

Your college degree and professional program in which you obtained your license in physical therapy also carries a lot of weight in the fitness industry.

This being said, if it is worth it to you to further your education with the online masters or masters degree from campus of Cal U, the exercise science program has a solid curriculum and is well worth it.

Before I entered the online masters program I was working full time and was skeptical also of online degree programs.

This changed when I had a client whose company shelled well over $100,000 to put him through an online MBA program through Duke University.

I thought if a fortune 500 company believes in an online masters program then why shouldn't I?  I took the program and was able to complete it in a year.

NASM plays a large part in the program in which you even have to take a certification exam. The education I received I was able to immediately implement in my personal training sessions for my current clients at the time.

They have a few different paths to choose so you can take courses which interest you. The way the system is set up makes it possible to do 100% of the online masters program remotely.

There is no specific time you have to be on the computer but there is a lot of communication with fellow students which is a significant part of each semester's grade.

When all said is done, you have a masters degree and you are not broke, overworked and desperate to find a job like you most likely would have been if you had an on campus degree program.

If an online masters program is what you are looking for, the University of California Pennsylvania exercise science program with the NASM is really the only option for a solid reputable online masters program.

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