Only Fat Around Midsection


Hello there, I'm a 5'7" tall guy who weighs 180 pounds and carry about 18% body fat. 

I've been going to the gym for quite some time, and have managed to put on decent weight in muscle. The only body fat I have is around my midsection.

Right now, myself and a friend are hoping to start a 6 day a week routine, but we have no idea how to create an effective routine.

We both wish to put on lean muscle and tone up, what type of routine do you suggest?

Here are 3 specific fitness goals I have in mind: 1. To be able to hold a straddle planche, 2. Perform 100 pushups, and 3. Be able to run 3 miles in 20 minutes.

I hope this information helps, let me know if there's anything else I need to fill you in on, I'd really appreciate the help.


Answered by:
Jason Spencer, CSCS

Jason Spencer Online Personal Training

I definitely can give you some help with your fitness concerns... From looking at your height and weight with your body fat percentage, I'd day you do indeed have a decent amount of muscle and not a great deal of body fat but definitely room to get it down as you want.
So you are pretty straight forward as far as what you have to do to lean out and drop body fat. you will need to do cardio, cardio, circuit type weight training, and more cardio!

And as far as a 6 day a week routine... That is most likely not too necessary for you mainly because it's a high volume routine.

With the type of cardio intensities you'll likely need to be doing and the nature of circuit paced weight routines, you will need a good amount more rest and recovery than one day a week...

The best way to burn fat and lean out is to do high intensity high energy type of work. ( If your conditioning is good enough to handle it ) Otherwise you are better served to do lower intensity stuff and focus on duration until you establish a good enough base of conditioning.

Either way, you will still need less frequent weekly workouts to ensure you are resting enough.

Bottom line is that if you can actually do a workout almost every day of the week, it's way too easy on you and won't stimulate much improvement by the body.


I hope this was helpful and look forward to assisting you with any other concern you may have in the future!  Hope to hear back from you!

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