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HI there I'm learned a lot through your videos on YouTube, Thanks...

My question to you is that if you would be able to guide me in the right way for my personal training certification exam ?

I currently am studying NASM-CPT 3rd Edition and also have just recently taken the test and am sad to say I failed.

The test seemed so much different from the actual book. With it being so different. any helpful hints ?

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Mike Behnken, MS, CSCS ANswers the Fitness Question


Thanks for the compliment.

I was one of the first to take the NASM-CPT exam in a testing center.

Even with a bachelors of science in kinesiology and an advanced NSCA-CSCS certification I felt the NASM-CPT exam was extremely challenging.

I did remember a few questions which required you to know specific numbers which I think is unfair.

Unfair or not, you must be prepared to be asked some questions about specific numbers such as the optimal dietary protein grams per kg of body weight.

There is really no specific advice I can give you since I took the test a couple long years ago. General advice would be to learn the Optimum Performance Training (OPT) template like the back of your hand and all the phases of training.

If you know the basic structure of the OPT template you should be able to answer a large group of questions correctly.

Other advice would be to really study the things that interest you. Since you only need to get 70% on the test to pass, you should focus on the things which you are interested in and you will retain to help your future clients.

Good Luck on your retest!

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