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I am about to start school at a residential personal trainer program in Orlando, FL.

I have a Bachelor's Degree from Penn State in Information Science and Technology but have not built a custom website since I graduated college in 2006.

I have only minimal experience with web design but consider myself computer and web savvy. I think its very important to have an on-line presence not only possible future employers but more important future clients.

I would like to have an interactive website that my clients could review my credentials but also input and track their results either by me or them.

I would ideally like them to be able to enter information through a mobile integrated device but at least be able to view/interact with my website on a internet-ready mobile device.

My inquiry is in regards to recommended website building tools for personal trainers.
Thank you for your valuable time and consideration.

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Mike Behnken, MS, CSCS ANswers the Fitness Question

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Congratulations on your Choice to Become a Personal TrainerThumbs up personal trainer

It must have been a tough decision to really go against your ivy league college major to enter the fitness field. If you haven't seen yet, there are a bunch of college degree reviews from personal trainers with various 4 year college degrees around the world.

You're definitely correct about the importance of having a web presence. Depending on the setting of which each personal trainer starts their career the necessity for a web presence grows as a trainer's career grows.

Since most personal trainers start at a gym where there is a large pool of perspective clients (gym members) a web presence may not seem important but as they mature as a personal trainer and eventually decide to work as an independent an online presence whether it be a website, blog, myspace profile or craigslist advertisement could net them more than 50% of their clients.

If you truly want to make being a personal trainer your long-term career, since you're starting early, getting multiple certifications, even if you eventually let some expire will help you add more things to your resume but will allow you to learn more and get a wide variety of experience as you train clients using knowledge gained from each certification.


Social Media:  A valuable Tool for Personal Trainers

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, having an online presence no longer means simply having a website. The web is dominated by social media these days from Twitter to Facebook to YouTube.

Usually businesses such as personal trainers use the social media to promote their personal trainer websites but sometimes personal trainers use the social media sites by themselves to attract prospective clients.


Websites for Personal Trainers

A good website can last a whole career and it is important to have one. You mention interactive design but that shouldn't even be on your mind until you get some good writing.

If writing is a strongpoint of yours, begin writing the pages which will introduce yourself as well as your services.

Make sure you include a call to action so the prospective clients who are visiting your website will get emotional and want to contact you for training.

As far as the actual design goes you have a few different options. The first thing you should do is find a domain name (i.e. and buy it. Having the name of your website will allow you to write for it a little easier especially if you get an off-the-wall name.


3 Top Options for Personal Trainer Website Design

1. Pay a Web Designer
Paying a web designer is probably the smartest choice although it can get very expensive. If you want interactive components which will likely need some back-end web design,it could run up the cost even more. If you decide to go with a web designer make sure you have everything planned out 100% and written down for your designer. If you want to spend less money you may want to check or to hire an overseas freelancer.

2. Buy  A Website Template
Website templates are very cheap compared to web designers. Website templates usually run anywhere from $30 to $200. They are designed to be edited on a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) website editor which is like using a word processor. Although it takes time to learn how to use website editors it may be worth it as you can make changes to your site for free at any time.

3. Use a FREE Website / Blog Template
This may not be for you but anyone can use one of the blogging platforms such as Wordpress or Blogger to create a website to sell personal training. Most web servers that you would buy your domain name for offer hosting which often comes with free website editors as well. The major drawbacks of free website/blog templates is they can sometimes look generic and/or have mandatory advertisements on them although there are thousands of free themes to make your site individual.


Interactive Design

Not sure exactly what you mean when you say "interactive" which could mean anything from viewing photos of your certifications to logging in to your site and entering their food intake for the day.

Whatever you decide to do, keep in mind that the major point of your personal trainer website is going to be to attract potential customers, schedule them in for consultations and make a living. Everything else should be secondary.

If you simply want a website with nice photos, clear writing and easy navigation without any special interactive components, using a template will be the most cost effective way to have a great website as a personal trainer.

All you will need is a domain, web hosting and a WSIWYG editor such as Microsoft Expression Web or Adobe Dreamweaver although there are free editors out there. There are many websites selling website templates online. One of the biggest is

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