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Personal Training Questions and Answers:  Introduction

A personal fitness trainer is a profession that is growing rapidly. Due to the overall sedentary lifestyle of people all around the world, a large percentage of overweight people, and an increasing number of fitness centers, there is always going to be a need for personal fitness trainers.

Being a personal fitness trainer can be a dream job for some. The most alluring aspects of working as a personal trainer include:

  • Helping people

  • Being physically active at work

  • Great networking opportunities

  • Make excellent money

  • Work for yourself very easily

  • Every day is different

  • Work anywhere in the world

The world of personal fitness training is ever evolving. This means in order to succeed you have to constantly evolve yourself, as when you are a personal trainer, you are your business. Whether you have just started training clients, are an experienced personal trainer or simply want to learn more about personal trainers, here you can find some common fitness trainer career questions and personal training answers.

Becoming A Personal Trainer



 Becoming a Personal Trainer


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personal trainer how to become a cpt


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Client Injury Questions and Answers



injury prevention personal trainer


  • Client with Sore Neck
    The problem is every time i do any sort of weight training she complains the back of her neck hurts...


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