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Helo I'm 76" tall, weigh 265 pounds and am currently/22% body fat. My primary fitness goal is to get down to 8% body fat.

I have been getting myself back in shape over the past 3 weeks as I was released to physical activity after herniating a disc in my back in a skydiving "accident."

My question is, I need/want to combine Circuit Resistance Training (with and without weights), medium intensity cardio (3-6 mile runs) and burst/HIIT cardio.

I also want to incorporate calisthenics and agility moves to increase my athleticism. How do you combine everything to allow for proper rest as well as to fit it all into a week's work?

Answered by:
Jason Spencer, CSCS

Jason Spencer Online Personal Training


You have a lot of different interests as far as your weekly activities are concerned.

These activities you have mentioned come with varying degrees of intensity and difficulty... Some to a great extent more than the others, which require a certain degree of coordination and base conditioning level.

Knowing which are appropriate to perform, how to combine them, and how much of each to incorporate into your weekly workload depends on your current fitness level and experience as well as your goals and objectives.

For instance you mentioned a goal of decreasing your BF% down to 8%, which can involve HIT but only to the extent that your cardiovascular fitness is high enough to get something out of it.

Otherwise, steady state training would be better for right now. Also whether or not you have any serious strength or muscle improvement objectives, the circuit training may or may not be appropriate.

But in any case, the fact that you have such a variety of different interests in physical activity will require more detailed knowledge of what you're capable of on my part just to be able to combine some of them the right way and ensure that you do not overtrain or even waste time with something that is not effective for you according to your goals.


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