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Hello, my daughter has lost over 20 pounds with Jenny Craig and she's a good soccer player but her legs are too big. Is there a way to make them smaller. Which type of training is best?

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Great, it sounds like Jenny Craig is doing its job its job. From her height to weight ratio it sounds she has more weight to lose in her future. Weight loss programs should include some weight training and most importantly cardiovascular training.

Reducing her leg size is a matter of losing weight not performing weight training exercises for her legs.

Her very best option in the gym would be cross training on different cardio machines. Cross training involves doing multiple cardiovascular activities including ones which do not involve the activity in her sport (running).

Cross training in the gym can also make gym workouts less boring. Have her try 10 minutes on 3 or 4 separate cardio machines at different difficulty levels back to back.

For example, start with a 10 minute hill profile on the stationary bike. Immediately following the bike, do 10 minutes on the elliptical machine. After the elliptical, immediately switch to walking up a low incline on a treadmill. If she wants to spend more time she can either go back to the bike, or choose another cardio machine.

Have her take full advantage of her Bally membership and use multiple cardio machines. Another hint is to make sure she keeps track of the levels she uses on the machines.

For example, if she uses level 10 hill program on the bike for 10 minutes for the first week, she should increase the difficulty to 11 in the next week or 2. The same thing goes for all other cardio machines.

Proper cardio, soccer and a healthy Jenny Craig diet will help your daughter reduce the size of her legs, lose weight, be in better health and be a better soccer player.

Controlled Progression is what gets results from Cardio Training

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