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I'm becoming a bit discouraged and thought your advice might help.

I'm thirty-five and had a child three years ago.

All but ten pounds of my baby weight flew off in the first four months, but it's now three years later and I'm still working on that last ten.

I'm worried that I'll keep gaining after my next baby, whenever that may be, and just add to the problem.

I'm 5'6" / 136 pounds and would love to get back to the 126 I feel confident at.

Eight weeks ago I began an more intense training program.

I am interval training with sprints for 45 minutes a day and also doing alternate days of upper (push, pull) and lower (lunge/squats) along with that.

On Sundays I rest. I sprint for 15 seconds and jog for 20.

My problem: although I feel great, have tons of energy, am eating healthier than ever, and feel a little smaller, I still have not lost a single pound or any inches. Not a single pound or inches!  Is this not unusual?

I'm quite determined, but a little help from the scale would really feel great. I'd love to know what you think.

Thanks for your time. I appreciate it.

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Mike Behnken, MS, CSCS ANswers the Fitness Question


Congratulations on your child and the initial weight loss. Many people have not been as successful as you and lost any baby weight.

Your training program sounds very good. You didn't mention your diet very much, but I assume it is low fat, high in complex carbohydrates and fibrous vegetables with some lean protein.

From my experience I have found that people who really go for it with their exercise program sometimes forget that rest and water is also very important.

Vegetables in the diet add a lot of water to your hydration but you must be drinking a lot of water to lose weight most efficiently. Remember, salty foods also increase the requirement for more water.

Rest is very important for weight loss. With a child and/or job your sleeping patterns may be inconsistent which numerous studies have correlated with the inability to lose weight.

When you get enough sleep at night your body resets all the metabolic hormones which help your body recover from the intense exercise and adapt by shedding fat weight.

If rest and water is not the possible issue the only other thing I could suggest is to start a PHA (Peripheral Heart Action) type of workout where you superset (no rest) upper and lower body exercises.

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