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Dietary Supplements Questions and Answers:  Introduction

First and foremost, if a supplement's claims sound too good to be true, they probably are. Regardless of where you hear about them, it could be from a fitness magazine, website or even from friends, you should always be skeptical about the purported benefits of dietary supplements. The primary reason behind this is in the USA, dietary supplements are not regulated by any governing body (FDA, Food & Drug Administration) so you never really know what you are getting and whether or not it will do as claimed on the label or advertisements. Another reason is all supplements will affect you in different ways than other people.

While some dietary supplements will provide you with a noticeable difference in your workouts or your fitness program results, most are not nearly as exciting. The most applicable use for dietary supplements is always going to be to "supplement" what is lacking in your diet.

For example, if your involved in an intense weight lifting program and your daily meals don't contain any dietary protein, you can take a protein shake to offset the protein deficiency. Likewise if you fail to eat the x amount of pounds of fruits and vegetables and don't meet the necessary requirement of vitamins and minerals, you can take a multi-vitamin to ensure your diet is not deficient in the essential vitamins and minerals.

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