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Hello I'm a 5'7" tall 112 pound woman. I want to tone up my body without losing any weight.

I know not only I have to exercise but also eat right to see the results. What food should I eat or avoid?

Answered by:
David Frankovic, CSCS

David Frankovic Nutrition and Personal Training

Toning your body without losing weight can be achieved in only one way, and that is by changing your body composition through reducing your body fat and increasing muscle mass.

You can't be afraid of lifting hard as most women tend to be. This will not only increase your muscle mass to look more toned, but it will raise your metabolism as well.

Foods that should be staples in your diet include lean protein sources such as chicken, lean cuts of beef and fish. Healthy fats from nuts and oils are great for your heart, metabolism and immune system.

Complex carbohydrates such as whole wheat bread, brown rice and whole wheat pasta supply long lasting energy throughout the day to keep you going. Tons of fruits and vegetables are also great to include in your diet as they offer many nutrients, and are generally low calorie foods.

Foods to avoid include fast food, processed foods such as tv dinners, and simple carbohydrates like white bread and pasta. These foods do not have a very high nutritional value and tend to contain a lot of sodium which leads to water retention.

Simple carbohydrates are also not the best choice as they cause an insulin spike, and will most likely be stored as fat unless you are going to workout soon.

Thank you for the question, and be sure to ask any others you may have!.

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