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I am a 38 yr old man, about 30lbs overweight. I play a lot of sports but have never really been into workouts. I have been running on the treadmill and have noticed a solid improvement in my stamina, but want to add some sort of home gym to my plan.

I have been looking at the Total Gym and am wondering if it is a gimmick or is it worthwhile. Can you get a cardio workout from it?

I am not interested in being bulky, I just want to drop some more weight and get stronger, perhaps strengthen my core, which has never been strong. Is this an appropriate tool to accomplish this?

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Mike Behnken, MS, CSCS ANswers the Fitness Question


The Total Gym is one of the few home workout machines which is not a gimmick believe it or not. It is a solid piece of equipment which any gym could use but will not because of the dangers associated with misuse.

If you have proper exercise instruction the total gym is a safe and effective cable workout machine which uses your own body weight as resistance. Here are some Total Gym Workout Videos so you can see the sample weight training exercises which you can perform with the Total Gym.

Unfortunately, the TV commercials may have been misleading people to believing the total gym is a cardio machine. The total gym is not a cardio machine but can be used for circuit training which has some cardio benefit.

For your goals of getting stronger and strengthening your core, the total gym is more than enough of what you need. Use floor exercises, core exercises, and possibly stability ball exercises in conjunction with your total gym exercises, cardio, and sports that you like, and you should be able to shed pounds and gain strength.

Remember, nutrition as well as rest, and hydration is very important to keeping your metabolism high so keep it clean.

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