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1st Question:  If I was training a Type two diabetic for about 2 months how would I progress as the weeks went on?

What would be the best routines each week if they came twice a week for two months?

2nd Question:

Would you be able to provide a sample program for a meso cycle?

And what are the steps involved in creating a program that achieves results?

My client is 30 years old and is 10 pounds overweight. She wants to lose the weight, tone up, and build cardiovascular endurance.

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Mike Behnken, MS, CSCS ANswers the Fitness Question

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Personal training is all about feedback.

You should only progress the client if you, as a professional feel he/she is ready for more intense exercise. Try to increase the amount of weight, or decrease the amount of rest in between sets so you can see if she's making any progress.

A good tactic for these types of clients is to create a circuit. In a circuit you can easily control the variables of rest, and intensity (weight) and determine if progress is being made.

This is superior to progressing this type of client by creating a more complex workout because you can easily gauge whether or not she's making progress. As opposed to using tri-sets or supersets with different exercises, etc.

Creating a training program that achieves results incorporates much more than having a good program on paper.

You must hold your client accountable for her actions outside of your training sessions which include exercise, nutrition, rest and recovery.

Ask her 20 questions every time you or have her keep a journal so you and most importantly your client know the good & bad decisions and actions she makes.

Use a program which includes and focuses on the basic exercises which work the large muscle groups first. Then you can add supplementary exercises later.

A good idea is to eventually ad combination exercises which work large muscle groups at once so more work can be done during each training session. Perform cardio after weight training. It may be a good idea to have a carbohydrate drink during the cardio so a blood sugar crash is less likely and she can devote full energy to her cardio.

Also, with an adult onset diabetic, make sure she has eaten 30-90 minutes before the training sessions.

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