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I'm a 28 yr old man and have an unusual posture problem. My left gluteal, hams, quads and calf are smaller on the inner parts so much that you can see the difference.

You can see the emptiness on that side when I tuck my shirt in. I have no length difference.

I had good symmetry when younger but think I used a bullworker incorrectly which possibly triggered it. I really need some help to even out the sides.

My left shoulder blade seems to stick out more than the right...getting depressing now so any advice/exercises would be really appreciated...

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You most certainly do have an unusual posture problem. If you haven't read the page about muscle imbalances and posture problems it may help you understand your own posture problem.bullworker

As far as your specific imbalance, it sounds like the muscles on your inner left side side have atrophied (shrunk). The reason your muscles have atrophied may be muscle imbalances.

If the muscles on the one side are excessively strong they may perform the majority of the muscular actions which will cause one side or part of your muscles to be neglected. Move it or lose it. If the muscles on the inside of your lower body have not been contracting they will atrophy.

The bullworker may have caused the muscle imbalances if you worked one side more intensely than the other without knowing. It is unlikely that this caused your posture problem.

It is more likely that something chronic such as incorrect prolonged seated postures which caused your posture problems. Think long and hard and examine some of the positions you have either sat in for long periods of time, or slept in and you will most likely find the origin of your muscle imbalances.

In order to correct your muscle imbalances you most likely need to find which muscles are tight, weak and lengthened. A personal trainer can easily see certain muscle imbalances. Personal trainers look at the muscles in relationship to joints.

A chiropractor would probably suggest your spine or hip is out of alignment. This is another opinion which would explain your lack of muscular action leading to atrophied muscles.

Once you find out the origin of your muscle imbalances you can stretch the tight, overactive side which will allow the atrophied side to contract properly during exercises for both sides. Stretching the overactive side is more effective than trying to strengthen the smaller, weaker, lengthened side.

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