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Hello there, I'm a 5'1" 106 pound lady and I know imp not fat. I do have a lot of fat under my arms and neck!.

I also have muscle arms, and I don't like it at all, whenever I wear a bikini I kind of look good but I don't like the flab under my arms and my muscle ams!

Its just too much! What is a good, healthy and fast way to get rid of them?

Please help me!... Thanks a lot!.

Answered By:
Jason Spencer, CSCS

Jason Spencer Online Personal Training

The only way to really decrease muscle if you do indeed wish to do so, is to stop using weights and strength training with the muscle in question.

I will be honest with you when i say that if you are a fairly young and fit individual, great decreases in muscle are hard to achieve because even in the event that you do no weight training at all with a certain muscle, your muscle has to atrophy (get smaller) which is not a common or necessarily desirable thing to have them do.

Atrophy is a natural decreasing in muscle size usually due to extreme prolonged inactivity of that particular muscle.

Like I mentioned you can halt increases in your muscle tone around your arm and even to some extent decrease the muscle composition by just simply not working the arms when you do strength training.

As for the body fat you mentioned around the neck and underarms, you will need to do more effective fat burning type of cardio training.

All body fat is burned this way no matter where it is... And an additional point for the backs of the arms is that you can do certain exercises for that little area that I assume you're talking about which is the back inner part of the arm close to the arm pit.

You can tone this area as you are burning your overall body fat in order to get rid of that flabbiness your talking about there.

Lastly, nutrition is what ties it all together and makes sure you are helping yourself from all aspects as opposed to canceling out your gains by eating incorrectly.

As for what type of cardio format, what exercises to do, and how to alter your nutritional habits, I would need to know more about you and all of your fitness habits to better guide you on this matter.

Please feel free to check out the AskTheTrainer.com site to read one of our many articles for any further guidance that you may need.

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