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I am a 5'2", 129lbs. female.   I need to lose about 10-15lbs.

I run 3 miles almost every day, or lift weights, also do aerobics classes.

I try to work out at least an hour a day, if not 2 hours.

Currently I am consuming b/w 1200-1300 calories per day.

I am having a very difficult time losing anymore weight.

Do you have any suggestions?  

What could I be doing wrong?


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Mike Behnken, MS, CSCS ANswers the Fitness Question

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Working out 2 hours a Day may be too Much for your Caloric Intake

It tells me that your workouts are not achieving the optimal intensity which is required to "shock" your body into changing (losing weight).

Establishing a Workout Routine is an Important First Step But...

Many people never advance and keep the same exercise routine which the body easily adapts to.

In Order to Avoid or Break through your Plateau, you must Change it up

Intensity duration is important for weight loss

In your case it means to have shorter duration, higher intensity workouts.

Taking a week off before you change up your program is important as well.

You neglected to mention rest. Rest is just as important as training and nutrition so make sure you get adequate sleep.

Staying properly hydrated is another important thing which is easy to overlook. Drink enough water

Increased Performance = Better Weight Loss

Ignore things such as "fat burning zones" on cardio equipment and do not be afraid to add a few pounds to your weight training exercises. A simple trick to increase intensity is to use your workout time as the limiting factor.

Pick an amount of time such as 45 minutes and try to work out so hard that you get the same exhausted feeling you have gotten in 2 hours in the past.

If you are used to working out for long duration you will be surprised that after a short, high intensity workout, you will feel energized and not fatigued and tired.

Feed your body the needed healthy food for high intensity workouts, fuel your body like a race car do not starve it. Once you adapt to a high intensity workout program it is time to change it up again.

Evolve your Exercise Program before your Body Adapts and Reaches Plateau

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